What type of orthodontics do I choose? Differences

April 8, 2018

Orthodontics is a way of improving your oral health and aesthetics, in a guaranteed way. At Alvarado Dental Clinic we offer different types of orthodontics in Valencia, as your choice will depend on different factors and the needs of the patient. We will categorize the different orthodontic treatments we offer in our dental clinic through three attributes: invisibility, comfort and speed.

Elegir tipo de ortodoncia

As these attributes say, firstly, invisibility guarantees little visibility of the bracket installed. Secondly, comfort improves the orthodontic situation as some treatments can be uncomfortable due to the friction of the bracket in the mouth. And finally, speed. This attribute refers to the time required and the ease of use of the treatment.

However, and in parallel with these characteristics, the situation of each patient should be diagnosed by the orthodontist in the clinic. This professional is the one who will be able to give his or her opinion after diagnosing the patient and deciding on the type of orthodontics to be used.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment?

  • Invisalign. A very comfortable treatment, with the need to change it every two weeks. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired results, the treatment will be carried out gradually. The most important attribute of Invisalign is that it is a highly aesthetic and hygienic treatment.
  • Metal braces. This is the best known treatment, although it is less comfortable. They are the most economical braces in comparison with other treatments. The only disadvantage is that the braces remain visible.
  • Aesthetic braces. The material used to make these braces is ceramic or porcelain. It has the same effectiveness as metal braces, but they are much less visible. The comfort would be the same as in the previous case.
  • Lingual. Its visibility is practically nil and its effectiveness is the same as that of other orthodontic treatments with brackets, so the results are very effective. This is a treatment that is very much in demand by patients.
  • Damon braces. As with metal and aesthetic braces, their position and visibility will depend on their material. The difference that can be perceived is the bracket that is attached to the tooth. This treatment uses a formula to guarantee greater comfort and efficiency.

We include more information in the orthodontic section of our web page, where you can consult in a more detailed way the functionality of each type of orthodontics.

To get to the complete rehabilitation of your teeth, contact us. We can help you.

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