Your first visit at Alvarado Dental Clinic

April 9, 2018

At Alvarado Dental Clinic we work to offer you quality dental treatment from your first visit. The secret of a good treatment is not very difficult to know. Our professional team is constantly updated to provide you with the latest techniques and technologies in dentistry and other treatments. Backed by our 25 years of experience.

We present you with a small guide of steps to follow for your first visit Your first visit at Alvarado Dental Clinic in Valencia.

Tu primera visita en Alvarado Dental Clinic

First contact

In our team, the most important thing is to take care of every detail so that you have a great first experience. Therefore, when you enter our dental clinic you will notice a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

The first space you will contact in our facilities is the reception of the clinic, where we will attend you immediately. You will fill in a general health questionnaire, which will reflect some of the information necessary to make a correct decision about your treatment. You can visit our facilities online, with open and illuminated spaces, which reduce the level of nervousness and transmit a state of relaxation.

We start our dental treatments with the best possible advice. To this end, Miguel Alvarado, the Director of the clinic, will be delighted to attend to you in a personalised way to guarantee the quality of your experience. The 25 years of professional experience are the best guarantee of knowing how to treat each patient. For all these reasons, you will be informed of all the procedures that we carry out in our clinic, in order to find the most effective solution for your treatment.

Free digital diagnosis and planning

We care about solving your problems, so to improve the quality of your diagnosis, we have the best technology and methodology in the sector. We offer you a free diagnosis and planning for subsequent treatment, without any commitment.

Depending on the symptom that affects you, we will proceed to inform you about the planning of your oral treatment. In some cases, it is necessary to take an X-ray to obtain a diagnosis. A process that can sometimes be lengthy. That is why in our dental clinic, we have the 3D CAT scan. Using this device we can obtain a high detail image, to locate the problem of your teeth.

Once the image is obtained, we will verify the information with a check of the complete oral cavity, checking your teeth and other parts of your mouth. Evaluating the occlusion and your jaw, is a topic of vital importance and forgotten by many professionals in these reviews.

We work with dental specialties, exclusively adapted to each oral disease detected. We work with dental implantology, children’s dentistry, periodontics or orthodontics, giving the patient total exclusivity, thanks to our team of specialists, experts in each of the areas. Finally, to have at your disposal all the documents and images obtained in your treatment in a quick way, we use the digital memory, to speed up the process.

Through our equipment and the technologies used, we want to guarantee you an adequate treatment, avoiding sequels that can be generated by the speed of the process. We want to offer you all the attention possible from your first visit and ensure the quality of your stay.

Come to your first visit. Contact us.

There is still more to come. We will inform you about all the treatments and the advantages they offer to improve your oral health. You can contact us here.

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