The answer is unequivocal: NO. Actually, no dental procedure has to hurt, but the fear of the dentist is deep-rooted, either because of bad experiences many years ago or because of ignorance, what we commonly call “odontophobia“.

The professionals who dedicate ourselves to this branch of medicine, which is dentistry, have seen evolution and have contributed every day to practice less invasive techniques, with more standardized protocols and fewer risks.

Specifically, the placement of dental implants, which is the subject we are concerned with, is carried out under the effects of local anaesthesia. Even in some cases, if the patient is very nervous or it is a long surgery, it is possible to resort to conscious inhalation sedation, so that, during the time that the surgery lasts, the patient does not feel any pain.

Most patients are also very concerned about the post-operative period. We must bear in mind that when the anesthesia disappears and the operation is freshly performed, there may be strange sensations, discomfort and discomfort; never pain. If the patient who has just undergone surgery did not have any teeth, he or she will logically find himself or herself in a strange situation. On the other hand, the anesthesia is applied by means of punctures and, once the area is awakened, the patient may notice a slight inflammation and discomfort, having been with the mouth open longer than usual. However, all of these effects are transient.

The surgeon takes care of administering a pharmacological treatment to avoid any type of complication and to make the following days as comfortable as possible. In principle it will be enough to take antibiotics to avoid infections, anti-inflammatories to avoid swelling and analgesics to avoid pain.

In addition to medication, in Alvarado Dental Clinic we have the benefits obtained after the application of the Elexxion laser, which acts to make the healing of soft tissues faster, minimizing inflammation if any, and accelerating the process of disappearance of possible bruises.

However, it must be borne in mind that our patients, as a general rule, recover more quickly than patients who are treated with traditional implantology. Dr. Miguel Alvarado performs implant placement surgeries with a different, effective, safe and scientifically endorsed technique, without sinus elevation and without bone graft, which makes it a much less traumatic, less invasive and cleaner intervention.

Another fundamental premise is that the patient is actively involved in their recovery by carrying out all the measures prescribed, as well as carrying out the pharmacological treatment. It is also very important that he commits himself to maintaining scrupulous hygiene and modifying his eating habits until the surgeon discharges him definitively.

In short, implants do not hurt, neither at the time of placement nor in the recovery process.

For more information, we will be delighted to assist you, study your case in depth and explain in much more detail the measures we take to make the experience as light as possible.