The definition of laser is: “Amplified Light by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”, in other words, it is a high-tech device that generates a beam of light providing energy. This energy, which has specific properties, when interacting with the irradiated tissue achieves therapeutic effects.

In Alvarado Dental Clinic we have this revolutionary technology to meet the needs of our patients.

With this new procedure, the efficiency of our treatments has been substantially improved and the final results have become more predictable.

Its application makes possible a great change reducing surgical times and recovery of the patient, sterilizes the area where it is applied, treats periimplantitis, acts as pain therapy, minimizes inflammation, destroys bacterial colonies at periodontal level, helps healing is faster, acts on bacteria in the treatment of aphthas, ulcers, herpes, and so on.

Technology means better well-being for our patients.