Our Elexxion diode laser

October 25, 2018

The definition of a laser is: “Amplified Light by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”, in other words, it is a high-tech device that generates a beam of light providing an energy. This energy, which has specific properties, interacts with the irradiated tissue to achieve therapeutic effects.

Nuestro láser de diodo Elexxion

At Alvarado Dental Clinic in Valencia we have this revolutionary technology to satisfy the needs of our patients.

With this new procedure, the efficiency of our treatments has been substantially improved and the final results have become more predictable.

Its application makes a great change possible by reducing surgical and patient recovery times, sterilizing the area where it is applied, treating periimplantitis, acting as pain therapy, minimizing inflammation, destroying bacterial colonies at the periodontal level, helping to make healing faster, acting on bacteria in the treatment of aphthae, ulcers, herpes, etc.

Technology implies a better well-being for our patients.

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