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May 29, 2018

It all starts in our mouths. The teeth play a very important role. Thanks to all the teeth we chew, cut the food and digest it so that our body is nourished. In fact, each tooth fulfils its function and can be divided into four types:

Porque cada pieza dental cuenta

  • The incisors: 8 teeth located in the central and front part of the mouth.
  • The canines: known as fangs, 4 teeth that tear the food.
  • The premolars: there are 8 of them and they help the molars to start grinding and chewing the food.
  • Molars: at the bottom of the mouth, there are 12 of them and they chew and crush the food.

Adults have a total of 32 teeth without the well-known wisdom teeth, or extra teeth, which can form in some people. After knowing in a general way the teeth that each person has. We must be aware that each one of them fulfils a function and losing one of them can have serious consequences.

What happens with the loss of a dental piece?

When a dental piece is lost, there is usually a migration of the adjacent teeth towards that free space and even movement or deterioration of the piece in front of the one that is missing. When we speak of migration, we are talking about an inclination that the rest of the teeth can suffer and that modifies the shape of the arch and consequently mastication. The effects of this change usually cause pain in the jaw and neck as well as dizziness.

In addition to these consequences, the risk of caries increases. This is due to the tendency to retain food debris, both in the resulting gaps and in the opposing teeth, as they become uncoupled and create gaps.

It is important that rapid action is taken when teeth are missing. So that they are replaced in order to avoid these risks which, in some cases, can become irreversible.

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