Basal implants, why choose them?

March 5, 2018

What are basal implants? Among its advantages we can highlight that this type of dental implant does not require bone grafting or sinus elevation. This surgery is minimally invasive, drastically reducing bruising and inflammation.

All these advantages are achieved thanks to the concept and philosophy of Strategic Implant® which allows for the placement of implants in the basal bone. This bone is the one that holds the muscles of the face and allows us to obtain a better anchorage point. This way, a greater primary stability is achieved, without the danger of loss. With this technique, at Alvarado Dental Clinic, not only do we achieve a better point of support, but we also reduce the time of complete rehabilitation of the mouth by 7-10 days.

Implantes basales, ¿por qué elegirlos?

It is true that basal implants have different shapes than traditional implants, but they are really designed for the bone. Their shape and surface is much better thought out and designed to adapt to the bone and its physiology.

What are the benefits of basal implants?

Traditional dental implant treatments usually last between 4 and 6 months at best. However, with the Strategic Implant® technique a complete oral rehabilitation is achieved almost for life in 7-10 days.

Thanks to Strategic Implant®, everyone can have dental implants regardless of the complication of the case. If the patient does not have enough bone, with this technique, on the same day of the operation he will have his provisional teeth and in 7-10 days he will have his definitive teeth.

Our way of working

At Alvarado Dental Clinic we analyze and plan each case of implantology in an individualized and totally personalized way for each patient. In our dental clinic, which specializes in implantology, we work with basal implants, designed so that all our patients can wear them. Regardless of the complexity of the case.

The philosophy of Alvarado Dental Clinic is to improve the quality of life of our patients. And, to do so, it is essential to be always updated and trained in the latest technologies and trends in dentistry.

With this method there is no surprise factor. With Strategic Implant®, we can solve almost any implantology case in less than 10 days.

If you need more information, we will be happy to provide it.

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