7 reasons to choose us

May 27, 2018

Our main objective for the patient is to offer the best possible treatment, achieving a comfortable and quality treatment. For this reason, we present our 7 reasons for you to get to know our philosophy and way of working. Without a doubt, this should fall to our specialists, but we are a team, and we must comply and treat the patient exclusively. It is our responsibility, that everything goes well, and of course that you leave with a smile.

We leave you with 7 reasons to choose Alvarado Dental Clinic:

7 razones para elegirnos

7 reasons

  1. Specialists with patients. It is 25 years of work and learning, which guarantee a high experience to carry out treatments with the best quality. We avoid the appearance of sequelae, which is why we combine our experience and adapt to new dental techniques to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.
  2. Personal treatment. There are not only problems, there are solutions and the best solution is to treat our patient as a close person, a friend, a relative. In addition, Dr. Miguel Alvarado personally attends to all the patients in our clinic, as a thank you for your visit and to welcome you to our clinic.
  3. Transparency. We want to avoid the fear of going to the dentist. At every moment, we inform you in an exhaustive way of every detail of the treatment, so that you know the whole process that is going to be followed.
  4. Facilities. We care about your comfort. In our dental clinic we have facilities designed to make the patient feel comfortable and at ease.
  5. Technology and materials. We work with leading brands in the dental sector. We care for and provide the latest technology to improve treatments, as well as always working with the best materials.
  6. Our specialisation is in basal implants. Thanks to this concept and philosophy we can completely rehabilitate a mouth in 7-10 days in a minimally invasive way, without bone grafting or sinus lift. We combine our experience with the latest in dental implantology.
  7. Extensive services. We offer different specialities from dental implantology, children’s dentistry, periodontics or orthodontics.  Thanks to the different techniques and studies of each of our specialists, generating synergies that offer the best solution for your oral problem.

7 days

Why do we have 7 reasons? Our exclusive service is your stay in Valencia. In our universe of oral solutions, we can offer you solutions in record time, reaching only 7 days. So you can take advantage of these 7 days in Valencia, an interesting city, to visit and know its secrets and services.

We invite you to contact us and we will inform you about all our services and solutions we can give you.

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