Does children’s dental health matter?

June 28, 2018

When we think of children, we always see a smile with spaces and irregularities. Children’s dental health starts from the moment their new teeth appear. Also when they are given their first lessons in dental education.

The importance of their dental health, makes the parents of the child mainly responsible. We are going to inform you about some data, of the concern and habits of the parents in their children.

¿Importa la salud dental infantil?

Do they care about their health?

I am sure that all parents care about their children’s health. But, regarding children’s dental health, there are other facts. For example, the frequency of visits to the dentist’s office is low and is not done from an early age.

Surveys indicate that only 13 percent of parents with minor children brought their child in before the age of one. Only one visit to the dentist is made because of a complaint from the child or because of a type of illness.

The World Dental Federation study reveals, that even if you don’t visit the dentist often, there is a concern about oral hygiene. The education established in the parents, is transferred in a positive way. Supervising the brushing of their children and even limiting the consumption of sugary products to avoid cavities indicates that children’s dental health is in order.

Maintaining this habit

Once education is instilled in the parents, they will have to maintain and teach the new children of this world, to establish good health habits. This includes daily toothbrushing, not being afraid to visit the dentist and avoiding personal check-ups on their oral health.

We recommend you

At Alvarado Dental Clinic, we encourage you to take care of your mouth and your children’s mouth, since good general health is linked to good oral health. Protect your mouth and your body.

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