Without a doubt, the smile is our best letter of introduction.

Together we will design a natural and harmonious smile taking into account the parameters offered by the Smile Design, we will take records of your bite and make a series of facial photos to virtually create your new smile. We will always try to reproduce nature as much as possible and we will perform all procedures in the least invasive way possible. A very important advantage, is that with a diagnostic waxing or mock-up we will see the final result before starting.


There is a wide range of treatments to improve or change the colour or arrangement of the teeth, but without doubt, porcelain veneers, micro-veneers or composite veneers, which require practically no grinding, are the star treatment. The porcelain veneers that we place at Alvarado Dental Clinic are manufactured by a prestigious aesthetic ceramist with the indications provided by our specialist, always with the patient’s approval. Their main advantages are the natural appearance achieved with them and their durability over time.

Other treatments that are also very interesting and can be independent or complementary are dental whitening, dental and/or gingival shaping or gum whitening.

At Alvarado Dental Clinic your smile and your health are our objectives.

If you have any questions, contact us, to make your smile more beautiful and you can do it without any obligation.


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