December arrived at Alvarado Dental Clinic

December 2, 2020

And December arrived.

Llegó diciembre a Alvarado Dental Clinic

It is time to take stock of the year we have lived. How can we sum it up in a few words? Well, it has been a difficult year, a year in which we have realised how vulnerable we are, in which we have lost many lives and in which many people have been left behind. A chaotic year in which we have been learning day by day how to manage in really unheard of situations. But despite the one that is falling, this month is magical. December is a month full of emotions and after everything we have been through so far, it is not the time to break down and devote ourselves to free sentimentality. It’s clear that many of the things we normally do around this time of year we won’t be able to do, but… so what?

OK, we can’t all get together at the same table for dinner, but the important thing is that we’re all there, even though we’re all at home, and better times will come. We won’t be able to have a company dinner with a celebration party afterwards either, it’s all right, next year. The Three Kings’ Parade will be shown on TV at a more relaxed pace. Now, at this time, we have to be more responsible than ever and not do stupid things that spoil everything. Some of us are going to have a few days’ holiday and others will have to work, but what we all have to do is enjoy and celebrate life, each one of us in the way that we can or want to, and try to catch and spread the Christmas spirit. As we do every year, we would like to thank our patients from the bottom of our hearts for having been by our side even in the most complicated moments. And finally, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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