At Alvarado Dental Clinic it is usual to treat patients from other cities or even from other countries as we are the only clinic that can perform and complete an implant treatment with definitive prosthesis in a period of between 10 and 12 days, without bone graft or sinus elevation!
Our patients from outside Valencia, in addition to undergoing their treatments, can enjoy during their stay, a sunny city, pleasant and a great tourist attraction. We take care of all the necessary steps to make your stay in our city as comfortable and comfortable as possible.


  1. Panoramic radiography.
  2. TAC.
  3. Age, chronic diseases, major surgeries in the last year, current medication, allergies, addictions.

Planned times for completion of full treatment:

  • First visit to the clinic, confirmation of budget, signing of consents and taking measures for provisional prosthesis.
  • 2nd visit, three working days after the provisional taking. Performance of surgery and placement of temporaries.
  • 3rd visit, the day after the surgery. Revision, laser and occlusion check.
  • 4th visit, three days after surgery. Metal test for metal/ceramic prosthesis or structure test for zirconium prosthesis.
  • 5th visit, two days after the first test. 2nd sponge cake test
  • 6th visit, the next day or two days after the sponge test. Placement of definitive prosthesis (metal-ceramic or zirconium)
  • 7th visit, the day after the final placement. Final revision.

Total days: 12

We recommend revision at three months to six and a year.

If you have any doubt, contact us:

T · +34 96 3034838