Orthodontics is a way to improve your oral health and aesthetics, in a guaranteed way. At Alvarado Dental Clinic, we offer different types of orthodontics, with advantages that depend on the choice of orthodontics. The differences between orthodontics, we will clarify them through three attributes. Invisibility, comfort and speed.

As these attributes say, first, invisibility, guarantees little visibility of the installed bracket. Second, comfort improves your situation with orthodontics since some are often annoying, because of the friction of the bracket in the mouth. And finally, the speed. This attribute refers to the time needed and the ease of using the treatment.

Despite these attributes, the situation of each patient must be diagnosed by the ortondoncist. Therefore, we must select the type of orthodontics, to the need of oral status.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment?



  1. Invisalign. A very comfortable treatment, with a need for change every two weeks. Therefore, to achieve the desired results, the treatment will be carried out gradually. The most important attribute of Invisalign is that it is a highly aesthetic and hygienic treatment.
  2. Metallic Brackets. It is the best known treatment although comfort is quite reduced. They are the cheapest brackets compared to other treatments. The only disadvantage is that the brackets remain visible.
  3. Aesthetic Brackets. The material with which these brackets are made is made of ceramic or porcelain. It has the same effectiveness as metallic ones, but they are much less visible. The comfort would be the same as in the previous case.
  4. Lingual. Its visibility is practically null and its effectiveness is equal to that of other orthodontic treatments with backets, so the results are very effective. It is a highly demanded treatment by patients.
  5. Damon Brackets. As with metal and aesthetic brackets, their position and visibility will depend on their material. The difference that is perceived is the bracket that is attached to the tooth. This treatment uses a formula to ensure greater comfort and effectiveness.

We include more information in the Orthodontics section of our website. There you can consult more detailed, the functionality of each type of orthodontics.

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