cirugía estética

Recovering the beauty of your smile with our dental treatments is the first step to improve your face. At Alvarado Dental Clinic, we want to go one step further and that is why we offer our clients the possibility of accessing the best treatments of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

For this, we have a collaboration agreement with one of the main plastic surgery clinics in the city of Valencia: Noval Plastic Surgery Institute. The patients of the Alvarado Dental Clinic have preferential conditions in their aesthetic treatments, with continuous feedback between the teams of the Alvarado Dental Clinic and the Noval Clinical Plastic Surgery Institute.

Among the treatments offered, we highlight the complete elimination of deep wrinkles without surgery, the infiltrations of hyaluronic acid cross-linked in the dark circles and the lifting of the face and neck with the technique of face lift High Smas.

If you want to know in more detail the services offered by Clínica Noval Plastic Surgery Institute, you can consult them here.

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