Periodic reviews are one of the best medicines against dental problems. We grow up with the idea that it is normal to have toothache, tooth decay or any other anomaly. But it is totally false.

In the past, dental care was scarce, so seeing problems and oral diseases was completely normal. At present, it is common to maintain care but the diet has become more cariogenic. This is because we eat more times and more sugar.

How often do we have to do a review?

If we maintain good daily dental hygiene and a healthy diet, specialists recommend a review at least once a year. Unfortunately, it is unusual for both conditions to be combined.

The current rhythm of life and the quality of the food we eat, causes the experts to recommend a biannual visit. Brushing our teeth after every meal, flossing and sugary products are conditioning factors that we can not always meet.

With two annual check-ups and some basic routines the chances of having oral problems decrease considerably. Problems such as tooth decay, gum disease or bruxism, among many others, are less likely to affect us.

Periodic reviews


What is a review?

Periodic check-ups with our dentist will begin with an examination of the teeth, gums and the entire oral cavity. After this will make a comparison with the result of the previous visit to check if we suffer any alteration that may be a problem.

If you encounter any problem, you may request a dental x-ray to be able to correctly diagnose any abnormality you may encounter. With these simple guidelines and periodic reviews we will maintain excellent oral health.

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