Dr. PAULA PATRICIOImplant Specialist
Degree in Dentistry. Catholic University of Valencia, Valencia

Academic formation

University expert in Advanced Oral Implantology. UCV

Own title hospital surgical doctor. UV

Degree in Dentistry. Catholic University of Valencia. Valencia

Oral hygienist. I.E.S Ramón Berenguer IV. Amposta. (Tarragona) Dental Prosthetist. I.E.S Ausias March. Valencia

Pharmacy Assistant. I.E.S de l’Ebre. Tortosa (Tarragona)

Nursing Assistant. I.E.S de l’Ebre. Tortosa (Tarragona)

School graduate. IES Alcalá de Xivert . (Castellón)

Theoretical-practical course “Intradermal fillers hyaluronic acid”. Esorib. Castellón.

Theoretical course “Wear, erosion and rehabilitation” 7h. CEOC. Valencia.

Course of Director of radiodiagnostic installations. 14th, 15th, 16th and 19th of June. 25h. UCV

Prosthetics talk about implants. Dr. Ana Mellado. March 23rd. UCV

IV AVCIB Symposium “Bone Regeneration”. May 26th. UCV

IX AVEO Odontological Conferences. 2-4 March. UV

Prosthetics workshop on implants. March 4th. AVEO. UV

Theoretical course. Oral Implantology: from faith to evidence. April 7th.

Hospital universitari La Fe. Valencia.

Talk on Surgical management of implants in the previous sector. Immediate or deferred? Dr. Andrés López Roldán. November 9th. Eurostars Hotel.

Theoretical course. Composites in the previous sector. Dr. Fernando Autrán. 4th November. 4 hours. (ICOEV).

FDM. Dental Forum. May 7-9. Barcelona

Pre-Professional Experience

2017 – 2018. Student intern in Special Patients department. 150h. UCV

2017 – 2016. Collaboration grant. University Clinics UCV. 320h. UCV

2017. Extracurricular internships in general dentistry and surgery department. 150h. UCV

2007. Practices of aux. of pharmacy. La Creu Pharmacy. 410h. Tortosa. (Tarragona)

2006. Nursing auxiliary internship in the emergency department at Hospital Verge de la Cinta. 410h. Tortosa (Tarragona)