Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that deals with obtaining a good dental occlusion, on the one hand to avoid damaging the ligaments of the temporomandibular joint and on the other hand, to obtain a correct alignment of the teeth that will allow us to reduce the risk of suffering periodontal problems, cavities, wears, improve aesthetics, etc.

When it comes to undergoing treatment, there are many doubts that can arise: in which clinic do I have it done, what type of orthodontics do I wear, what treatment do I choose if each one has told me something different? We understand that it is a complicated decision and it is precisely in most orthodontic treatments that the same final result can be reached through different paths, which makes it even more difficult to make this decision. For this reason, it is essential that you take it from the hand of the specialist, he/she is the one who will advise you best.

In Alvarado Dental Clinic we have from the most conventional treatments with metal brackets, ceramic or sapphire to the most innovative as lingual orthodontics or transparent aligners such as Invisalign.

Our orthodontist, Dr. Beatriz Izquierdo, will be delighted to assist you, recommend the most appropriate treatment and explain the guidelines you must follow for the result to be excellent.


Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign

At Alvarado Dental Clinic we are specialists in the placement of Invisalign orthodontics in Valencia. This technique allows to align the teeth without using conventional brackets, so it is practically invisible.

When you start an Invisaling treatment you will receive a series of customized aligners that should change approximately every two weeks. Over time, the teeth will change position gently and gradually.

This dental treatment can correct most dental problems. In addition, your specialist will show you at the dental clinic a simulation of how your teeth will move and, of course, how they will be at the end of the treatment.

The main benefits of Invisaling orthodontics compared to traditional braces are:

  • Dental hygiene is much easier.They are much more aesthetic and comfortable.
  • By being more discreet, they will keep your confidence and comfort.
  • They are removable and free of wires.
  • Orthodontic treatment with metal brackets

Metal brackets are the best known traditional orthodontic treatment.

It consists of placing metal brackets that rest on the teeth and for this a metal support is used as a base. Thanks to its versatility, this type of brackets is used, above all, when the case is very complex and can not be solved with more modern treatments.

Another advantage of this orthodontic system is that they are much more resistant, more effective, easier to clean and maintain compared to other systems. Despite new technologies and advances in the world of dentistry, metal brackets or fixed brackets are widely used for their efficiency and for their cheaper price.

Orthodontic treatment with aesthetic braces

Ceramic or porcelain brackets are an orthodontic treatment that is usually used to correct the teeth in a very aesthetic way. Being made from materials similar to porcelain, the brackets are practically imperceptible and are hidden with the own color of the patient’s teeth.


Lingual orthodontic treatment

At Alvarado Dental Clinic we join new technologies and that is why we offer this type of orthodontic treatment where the brackets are placed behind the tooth, the lingual face of the tooth. With this treatment the dental device is totally imperceptible for other people.

The duration of treatment is usually shorter than with conventional treatment. Even so, we must bear in mind that each patient is unique and many factors depend on when estimating the duration of treatment.

Regarding the final result, lingual orthodontics has the same result as traditional braces, but with unique aesthetic benefits. In our dental clinic we recommend the use of this treatment for those patients who do not want to sacrifice the aesthetics of their smile.


Orthodontic treatment with Damon braces

The orthodontic system Damon is an evolution compared to conventional dental brackets with which it has managed to reduce treatment times significantly. This gives us optimal results where in less time a clear alignment of the position of the teeth is achieved. In addition, thanks to the transparent and aesthetic braces Damon your orthodontics will go completely unnoticed.

Damon orthodontics is more effective and comfortable than other systems because it uses very light forces. By using these forces, it allows our team of professionals to control with great precision, not only the ideal position of the teeth, but also the patient’s facial appearance and profile.

With this treatment we can not only correct the position of the teeth, but also correct the image of the face, so we get a full rehabilitation.

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