When we think of children, we always see a smile with spaces and irregularities. Infant dental health starts from the appearance of your new teeth. Also when they are given their first dental education lessons.

The importance of your dental health, mainly responsible to the parents of the child. We will inform you about some data, about the concern and habits of parents in their children.

Do they care about your health?

Surely all parents care about the health of their children. But, regarding infant dental health, there are other data. For example, the frequency in the visit in the dentist is low and it is not done from an early age.

Surveys indicate that only 13% of parents with minor children took their child before their first year of age. Only, the consultation with the dentist is done due to a minor complaint or a type of ailment.

The study of the World Dental Federation reveals that even if you do not visit the dentist frequently, there is a concern in oral hygiene. The education established in the parents, moves in a positive way. The supervision of brushing your children and even limiting the consumption of sugary products to prevent tooth decay indicates that children’s dental health is in order.

Keep this habit

Once the education of the parents has been instilled, they should maintain and teach the new children of this world, to establish good health habits. It includes, the daily dental brushing, not being afraid to visit the dentist and avoid with personal reviews, your oral state.

We recommend you

At Alvarado Dental Clinic, we encourage you to take care of your mouth and that of your children, since good general health is linked to good oral health. Protect your mouth and your body.